Rankin Inlet, NU


The Kivalliq Regional Visitor Centre was built with the intention to attract visitors and tourists to the area. The completed building is an educational and informative centre that showcases the Kivalliq Inuit culture, represents the seven communities within the Kivalliq region, and promotes tourism and education for both community members and tourists.   The Kivalliq Regional Visitor Centre was completed in November 2017 and opened to the public in the summer of 2018 to great reception. 

The design revolves around seven glass boxes dedicated to each community the building serves. This attention to detail carries up toward the graceful ceiling. Here, visitors will notice elegant glu-lam beams supporting the vast exhibition hall below, their shape recalling the bones of a whale and the traditional Inuit building practices. These were conceived of through close teamwork between the Architectural and Engineering teams at Guy Architects, as well as through the sensitive community engagement approach taken when designing the KRVC.