Peng, PE, APEGA, MSc. Structural Engineering


West London University, London, UK

Richard Guy is a structural engineer with over fifty years’ experience. He has worked in England, the United Arab Emirates, The Bahamas, Jamaica, The United States and Canada. He has managed several large project successfully in as many locations.

His most recent projects have been in the Canadian North where he has designed and supervised the construction of schools, commercial facilities, Industrial and apartment buildings, airports and mining structures. He has also designed renovations for several roofs that have collapsed because of heavier than normal snow fall accumulation caused by a changing climate.


Richard has worked as a design consulting engineer with Rand Engineering, the largest engineering firm in Manhattan, New York. He was in charge of a specialist structural team assigned to take out and replace rusty steel beams and columns in aging high rise buildings.


Richard has experience of conducting forensic investigations of structures and writing reports for several insurance companies and banks. He has written reports dealing with disaster damages arising for insurance claims for hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods.