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Yellowknife, NT


The École St. Patrick High School staff room overlooks the breathtaking boreal landscape, with views to Great Slave Lake. We shaped the concept for the interior renovation around this view, expressing the space through form & colour. Curvilinear forms define a parklike interior that extends to the landscape beyond. The organic forms provide both workspace, storage and  organizational hierarchy to a space that was previously cluttered and chaotic. Finishes matched to blues and greens found in the landscape unify the view from the windows with the interior spatial experience.​

We planned the space to facilitate informal encounters as one might experience in a park: a luncheon area with a kitchenette enables casual picnic-style meetings and gatherings; a nook overlooking the gym became a playful breakout space when furnished with a comfortable bench and fitted with a glass partition to acoustically separate it from the gym below.

Introducing movement and variety for a healthy and engaging workplace environment, the redesigned lounge/workspace is a breath of fresh air for staff.


Before & After
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