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Yellowknife, NT


Erected in less than 24 hours, this multi-family residence offers an innovative and efficient way to drive down cost of housing in the Northwest Territories and offer a solution for Yellowknife’s chronic housing shortage. Designed and assembled in less than four months, the construction approach saved time and money. The units were designed for the northern environment, placing importance on the interiors spaciousness due to the long winters and amount of time people stay indoors. Each of the three floors is its own separate residence with an additional terrace on the roof, which will offer a 270 degree view of the Old Town, Pilots’ Monument, Great Slave Lake and Latham Island. Designed in the North and pre-fabricated in Edmonton, the quality of the units are above par due to the controlled atmosphere of a factory and the standardized construction methods. The housing meets the new EnerGuide 80 standards for energy efficiency, and the windows are placed to allow the spacious rooms to be lit by sunlight.

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