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University of Dalhousie


Wayne, a long time Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) has been a leader in his field, pioneering technologies, systems and processes to meet the requirements of the most unique environment and culture on the planet: the Arctic.

Founder and principal of Guy Architects (GA) and the NWT Association of Architects, Wayne has over 35 years of experience working out of offices in Iqaluit and Yellowknife. His achievements include the design of the École Allain St-Cyr in Yellowknife, which was the first educational facility in Canada to utilize displacement ventilation, a low-energy ventilation system, which contains fewer allergens than conventional systems, catering to the needs of a growing number of hypoallergenic children. The school’s design also enabled the pristine taiga forest to come right to the building, enabling students to be immersed in nature during the course of their daily curriculum. The school has been featured in the book, 1000x: Architecture of the Americas, published by Verlagshaus Braun of Berlin, which profiled 1,000 unique buildings in North, Central, and South America and referred to École Allain St-Cyr as “one of Canada’s most innovative schools,” and was featured in both Canadian Architect Magazine and Architecture Magazine.


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