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Yellowknife, NT


Joint Venture with Baird Sampson Neuert Architects

“The Yellowknife Eco-house will make downtown living attractive and affordable by providing an opportunity to live, work and play that enhances the well-being of residents, the community and our environment.”

—Eco Housing Workshop Report


The Yellowknife Eco Housing project is guided by the intent to demonstrate innovation in building design and systems that can be applied by northerners to future housing projects, thereby leading to capacity development, new business opportunities and job creation. The city of Yellowknife wants to develop a model housing project for the north that will demonstrate the integration of leadership in energy and environmental design, downtown revitalization, economic development, and affordable housing.

High efficiency and performance are key objectives of the Eco Housing project. Maximizing energy efficiency through highly insulated and airtight building envelope, efficient appliances, passive strategies and more will reduce demand and environmental impacts. Best of all, the highly efficient building will mean big savings on utilities.

Consistent with Smart Growth principles, the Eco Housing project is envisioned as a mixed use development that achieves the highest and best use of the land. The Eco Housing project’s central location supports a wide array of opportunities to ‘live, work and play’ in close proximity and its mixed use character further contributes to a livable community with diverse land uses and employment opportunities. This project is designed to be carbon neutral.

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